Rappers Take Sides on Budden vs. Method Man Beef

So the story goes Joe Budden was offended when he was ranked lower than Method Man in Vibe’s Best Rapper Alive” tourney bracket.  Joe Budden came out asking, “You mean to tell me if Method Man was standing in front of my face right this second and we had a rap back and forth that Method Man would be the victor?”  And obviously, Meth, with his long, prosperous career, was insulted so he responded with, “He feel like he can out-rhyme me?  Shit, I feel like I’m the best nigga, can’t nobody out-rhyme me.”


Since then, there have been a messages sent between the two and recently, members of the Wu got involved.


Raekwon also had something to say:

“You can’t give that n*gga no shine, man,” Raekwon said in an interview. “First of all, everybody know that he’s not even nowhere near n*ggas, you know what I mean? I ain’t got nothing against Joe Budden, I don’t know him, I don’t care for him like that, but when he mentioned one of my brothers, it’s like ‘Yo, you outta character, B.’ And on a real note, you’re not better than anybody over here. So you know, to me, that was just something I feel he jumped in the pool with no water and didn’t realize he made a mistake, but that’s not my problem, he ain’t mention me.” (Akira The Don)[sohh]

However, its obvious members of the Clan will back up Meth.  But there are other well-respected rappers that agree with Joe Budden.

Here’s what LL Cool J had to say:

“Nowadays, [battling] is more about ‘Are you making money, are you a businessman,'” LL explained in an interview. “I think the least important thing in hip-hop now is hip-hop. That’s probably the least relevant thing. So I think Joe Budden has a right to feel how he feels. I think each individual has to make a decision and stand by that decision. So I can’t be mad a Joe for feeling that. I can’t be mad at Busta for feeling the way he feels…You can’t remain a child forever, we all have to grow up. Michael Jordan is not in the Finals this year, that’s just life. We gotta be willing to accept that. Sometimes a part of growing is knowing you’ll be criticized for certain things you leave behind. That just comes with the territory. But for me to pretend to be 24 year-old LL Cool J for the rest of my life, that’s not.” (Global Grind)[sohh]

Nore also agrees with LL:

“He’s entitled to his opinion,” Nore explained in an interview. “Everybody’s entitled to their opinion but when you make your opinion public, it sometimes comes across as disrespect. And a lot of people could feel that way but what it is, is you’re entitled to your opinion as long as it’s not public because once it becomes public, it can become the wrong thing. I wasn’t mad at his opinion at all but when he made it public and when it comes across that’s why people really blew it up. He didn’t really say nothing disrespectful. But the fact that it’s in the public eye, the public now has the decision to whether to co-sign it or disregard it.” (On The Air Idiots)[sohh]

Could this all be leading to a real beef between two talented rappers?  If so, who’ll win?  It’s really tough to tell.  And one more thing.  If Joe Budden said the same things about Nore or LL, would we be hearing the same responses?

Let’s just end this entry on a wonderful quote by Royce Da 5’9″:

“With all due respect, I think [Joey] would tear Method Man a new asshole and that’s just my personal opinion,” said Royce resolutely. “Let’s just keep it all the way funky. Nobody means no disrespect, man. It’s like when Allen Iverson crossed over Jordan. It’s like, ‘Come on, man. He just got new legs.’”[xxl]


One response to “Rappers Take Sides on Budden vs. Method Man Beef

  1. kool g rap would eat both of em, new legs old legs whatever

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