HTC Says "Take That iPhone!"


Everybody knows the iPhone UI is the best available.  But Android phones are creeping up fast and HTC’s new Hero looks pretty amazing so far.  Here are some of its “rumored” features:

– New HTC Sense widget-based interface that puts at-a-glance info right up front on the home screen

– Scenes profile shifts the phone from business to weekend mode.

– View contacts show usual info in addition to interactions that occured via social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter.

– A dedicated search button searches the phone as well as services like Twitter.

– Similar to the Palm Pre, the HTC Hero fully integrates your local data with all your subscribed social media sites.

– First Android phone to support Flash right away.

Now we just have to wait forever until the rest of the world gets it before we can get our hands on it.


Also, for more info, you can check out their official site.


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