Feature: Hip Hop x Race

I listen to rap and r&b.  I like sneakers and own a few fresh pairs of Nike’s and J’s.  I didn’t need Big L to break down ebonics.  I wear fitteds, tilted depending on my mood.  When I have money or I’m not too lazy, I’ll go to the barber once a week and get a fade or a shape-up.  I also like women with big butts.  What am I?

I am just me.  What I am not is a poser or a person trying to be “black.”

I put quotations around the word black because you can’t be black unless you are black.

I’ll tell you what though.  People have told me, “stop trying to be black” in the past.  That’s an insult to me.  Not because I have anything against black people but because its sad to see that people can’t see the bigger picture.



This post is about my problem with the negative association of hip hop and race.  We all know hip hop was started in the Bronx, which is a predominantly black neighborhood.  But since then, the music genre has evolved tremendously and has become a culture.  It’s the way we dress, the way we walk and the way we think.  It no longer applies to one race but its being experienced globally.  There are kids in Europe, Asia or wherever, memorizing Lil Wayne lyrics as we speak (very unfortunate).  Another good example would be an increasing number of non-black people that are playing an integral part in the hip hop industry today.  Are they all trying to be black?  No.

The second part of my rant is aimed at the stupid people that give the previous stupid people a reason to negatively associate hip hop and race.  These stupid people are the ones that think being black is being “hip hop.”  Instead of mimicking the hip hop culture, they just mimic what black people do and by doing so, this connection of hip hop and race will never cease.

Stay tuned as next week, I plan to discuss the stereotypes/expectations of a black man from my point of view, using the dichotomy of Phee and Rhys.


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