Jay Z x Radiohead = Jaydiohead

Am I really late on this one?  I just came upon it but after five minutes of research, it seems this mixtape’s been out for a minute.  Even Jigga himself has tweeted about the tracks.  Even Carson Daly’s up on the music before me, smh.  I need to step up, BIG TIME.  So anyways, this shit is dope.  If you thought Mick Boogie & Terry Urban’s Viva La Hov was good, this shit is that much better.  Keep in mind, Radiohead practically fathered Coldplay (don’t quote me on that, if you know the two bands, you know Radiohead had a huge impact on Coldplay).  Well anyways, on the flipside is the album cover and links to the mixtape.  Enjoy!




[for more info: jaydiohead.com]

also a ‘thank you’ to @soniamonia for posting it on facebook =]


One response to “Jay Z x Radiohead = Jaydiohead

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