Feature: WSTS: Your #1 Guide to Style in 2010

Summer is over and the cold weather is upon us.  That means only one thing.  The year is coming to an end.  In 2009, there were many fashionable trends along with some that should never have started.  I’m here to make sure you don’t make any mistakes and instead, become the cool kid on the block in 2010 (you can thank me later).  So let the fun begin!

Disclaimer: This awesome fashion guide is for men only.  Sorry ladies.  Also, the information in this post is for entertainment purposes.  WSTS is not accountable for your actions.

The “It” Hairstyle:

If you don’t recognize what hairstyle is shown up top, that my friend is a fashionable mullet.  The ever-popular “business in the front, party in the back.”  Sound outrageous?  Why?  Because lame hairstyles like the mohawk gained popularity in recent years?  *crickets* Exactly.  But let me warn you now.  Just because I said go get a mullet, that doesn’t mean just go to your local barber and ask for a mullet.  You gotta do your research.  You don’t want to look like Joe Dirt now.

The “It” Bottoms:

What?  You’ve seen jeggings already?  But do you remember the disclaimer at the top of the post?  Yup, that’s right.  I’m talking jeggings for men.  It is very, VERY unfortunate but with the crazy popularity of skinny jeans, a growing disdain for baggy jeans and heavy European influence, I really don’t see why this is a crazy notion.  There are a lot of crazy things I never thought possible that people are in love with these days.  Just laugh now but when I see you walking down the block wearing these, guess who’s going to be laughing then?  Just to share with you my thoughts where I got this idea from, check out latfh.com and UGGs for Men.

The “It” Top:

It’s time to party like 1960…….9?  That’s right kids.  The classic polyester button down.  In the past year or so, plaid and western shirts really gained some mainstream success and although I am guilty of owning a few myself, I am sick of seeing them.  I’m ready for those shirts to all go back into our closets and stay there for another 20 years until our kids want to borrow them.  That’s right R. Hall, I’m talking to you!  Anyways, I asked myself, “Self, with these plaid and western shirt fads dying out, what will the next it thing be?”  I’m sure many of you can agree but in fashion (like many other things in life), things happen in cycles.  Reviewing the different styles of tops that have been the trend in the past, I strongly believe that it’s the polyester shirt’s turn in the limelight (or is it disco light?).

The “It” Outerwear:

To put it all together is the elbow-patched jackets.  What better way to complete this vintage, shaggy look?  This is actually one of the safer predictions in the post (just in case you couldn’t tell).  Just picture the vintage polyester shirt, the elbow-patched blazer draping over your manly jeggings, with a stylish mullet cut and a Malcolm X-inspired horn-rimmed glasses and you got yourself 2010’s Rico Suave.

Listen to what I’m telling you.  Don’t make me say I told you so.


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