Notoriety – The Toast EP (Download)

Here is a group who is representing Brockton/Boston, MA – doing it all from producing to writing to recording…Making REAL music come to life as they do so.

Bio: “We are Notoriety – The story of 3 young men from Brockton, MA with talent that in the early stages of life was looked at as a “just for fun hobby”. As children, music itself – in one way or another – has affected them as individuals to be more than what society’s template has laid out. It started remixing favorite radio songs into life situations that, oddly enough, sounded like pages out of Weird Al Yankovich’s note book. All three emcees eventually found themselves in the early stages of getting a college degree with Vydle Sinez in Tampa, Fl, Incredible Chuck in Boston, MA, and Justrite in Hampton, VA; all attending universities. Due to life’s everyday circumstances, the three found themselves back in their home town within 2 years. While in his freshman year, incredible chuck befriended Jonny Glass aka The Technician. The Tech was equipped with first time beats that he had created and with Chucks lyrics and vocals sparked; Notoriety in the primordial soup of the group. With what was looking like a hand dealt from fate itself the 4 individuals now had one common entity…MUSIC. Now, four minds with inspiration ranging from Lynyrd Skynard to Rakim enter the game with focus and poise to bring new light to the one thing that has been a part of each individual’s life since birth…HIP HOP.”

Be on the lookout for J.A.M. – Just A Mixtape, their next tape, which will be dropping sooner than later. Stay tuned and let them know what you think!

[Notoriety – The Toast EP (Download)]


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