WordisBond: Kill The DJ (Download)

Here’s another compilation by our friends at Word is Bond.  Peep the tracklisting and take a listen to some quality underground hip hop.  Hey, we should be in this!

01. Land of Grace – Raujika
02. Sync-In City – Panacea
03. Helping Hand ft Substantial Gods’illa
04. Love it Here – IanKamau
05. Keep Shining – Shad
06. Love Mellow ft Asia J Hus
07. Yesterday – Nine Leaves
08. Heartbreak – Youngs
09. Hang the DJ – Audible Mainframe
10. Heartful Memories – Nomak
11. Decisions (DJ Okawari Remix) – Theory Hazit
12. Far Away – Marvelous Mag
13. Heart Music (Tsunenori Remix) – 1773
14. Maintain – Jermiside & Danny Diggs
15. In Love with Two Women – The 49ers
16. Heartsprings – Heiruspecs
17. Plastic Lines – No Bird Sing


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