We Stole The Show Watches The Germany v. Spain Semifinal (Video)

They say the U.S. lacks World Cup spirit but we disagree.  Sue (a self-proclaimed German fan) and Rhys (one of those guys who still pretends Ghana and/or Brazil is still playing) took a trip to the Lower East Side to watch the Germany vs. Spain semifinal match with a 97% German fan crowd.  They quickly learned that no matter where you come from, it’s easy and worth it to get swept up into emotional wave of a World Cup match.  It’s all about picking a country and loving it for any and all reasons including: being from there, living there, respecting their sportsmanship, and liking their men.  In such a diverse and random place like New York, soccer can unite us all, at least for a few weeks.

Shouts to Sue and Rhys for the video.


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