OKP Breaks Down Black Milk’s Album of the Year, Thoroughly

Okayplayer breaks down Black Milk’s Album of the Year album, track by track.  You can some of it below but at the end, it’s concluded that Album of the Year is not “some sort of pompous horn-toot” but rather more of “a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

It’s the album opener hip-hop heads want from every project. Explosion. Drama. The song is comprised of horns and organs, a heavy funk bass, and of course, Black Milk’s signature drum. No chorus, either. Just bars of fury. The sweet spot comes at the end when he lets the instrumental play almost as if the music had its own verse to the song.

Welcome (Gotta Go)
Again, Black Milk presents a song with music suitable for a soundtrack. It evokes a sense of eeriness and almost feels like it could fit well with a Tarantino script. The lyrics outline shady industry trip-ups and the moxy that it takes to get through them. Black Milk throws in another music break at the end and adds some colorful nuances to the track .

Keep Going
The first words Black Milk says before the verse even starts is “Drums.” That’s pretty much all that needs to be said.

Oh Girl featuring AB
Sure, it’s something for the ladies. The ladies who love hip-hop. The track is still pretty gully, so to speak, but has a smooth undertone. And AB’s voice is the closest thing to D’Angelo’s I’ve heard, so the hook sounds great.

You can read the breakdown of the remaining eight tracks at OKP.


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