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This site is our baby steps in working toward a new movement of the hip hop culture.  We plan to educate, get educated, argue, laugh by stretching the boundaries of the blogging world.

Enjoy your time on the site and keep coming back for more.

DJ Hurry Up n Buy

With experiences in marketing, retail (sneakers), frequent intoxications and the independent music industry, there’s a lot DJ Hurry Up n Buy wants to express that he can’t through his turntables.  Too bad he can’t rap.  Instead, combining these experiences with interests in sports, cars, women, and technology, he’s ready for a challenge in Web 2.0 journalism.  This is his first real attempt at creating an online presence, and by real, I’m excluding Facebook, MySpace and the likes.

Hurry Up n Buy’s future projects includes solo mixtapes, collaboration with indie rappers, Rhyson Hall and Gr& Phee, and Twon Radio, produced by his partner-in-crime, brotha-from-another-motha, Othello. Stay tuned!


Currently Unavailable.


Featured Artist Blogs – Grand Hall

Rhyson Hall and Gr& Phee are collectively Grand Hall Music.  They are independent rappers from Buffalo, NY.  The duo released a full length album in 2006 called ‘Detained @ the Border’ followed by two nationwide tours.  In 2006, Rhyson Hall’s ‘Still Raw’ single hit #1 in college radio charts across the country, including Rapattacklives.com.  In 2008, they formed Rhyson & The Heist, a rock band that made waves in the Buffalo local music scene.  Currently Rhyson has moved to New York City to further his career in the music industry while Gr& Phee has released an album, ‘The Gr& Scientist,’ with up-and-coming producer from Toronto, Can named the Mad Scientist.  2009 holds big things for both these artists and our blog is privileged enough to have them document their road to success.