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Soulja Boy x 50 Cent – Mean Mug (Video)

What the F#@K is this???  This has got to be 50’s all-time low.


50 Cent – F*ck You feat. Cee-lo (Remix) (Video)

Not the biggest 50 fan but gotta recognize his grind.  Fif flipped Cee-lo’s Fuck You real quick.

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50 Cent Goes Mel Gibson on Shyne (Video)

50 no longer makes good music but he can sure entertain!  HAHA!

Throwback of the Day: 50 Cent – Your Life’s On The Line (Video)

This joint is for the koofy smacka aka the guy!

It's The Real – Def Jam Vendetta: Shyne vs 50 Cent (Video)


50 Cent Went In Last Night on Hot 97

If you missed the conversation 50 had with Flex, you have to check it out.  PURE entertainment.  Hilarious.

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50 Cent Rushed to the Hospital

I felt guilty for laughing at this one but it was pretty funny.  When will Curtis stop this little sketch gimmick on Youtube?