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50 Cent Says He'd Punch Kanye

50 Cent is doing everything to stay in the news.  In a recent interview, Curtis says if Kanye ever tried to do something like that during his acceptance speech, he would have left the stage with rings around his eyes.


50 Takes a Jab at Another Heavyweight

While promoting 50th Law at Howard University, someone in the crowd yells “Weezy!” leading to Curtis to express his thoughts on Lil’ Wayne.  Dissin’ Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne in one week.  When’s his album coming out again?

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50 Cent – Before I Get Really Desperate (Video)

“…Jay rockin’ that Urkel look, isn’t he from Marcy?/ They say he growing dreads and now he’s taking like a Yardie…”

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Money or a Career, Part 2

In my last entry, I was discussing the relationship between “career” and “top forty act” along with reputation and quality of work. I’d like to take this a little further today.

The power of reputation has a great hold on the power of quality, if you ask me. Just look at 50 Cent and work, post-Get Rich or Die Tryin’. After one critically acclaimed album, he has continually released garbage and has still been staying afloat in the mainstream media as a powerhouse. Then there are artists like Damien Marley, who has a great family reputation but nonetheless, look how that turned out. He makes great music.

This relationship between reputation and quality of work is very intriguing, especially in music because as gifted as an artist can be, it is not easy to constantly create music people will like. And as a result, it is so easy for these artists to “sell out” and disappoint the core fans, while expanding to the mainstream audience, which pretty much means they’re making money.

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Year of the Aftermath or False Hope?

With announcements of 50 Cent and Eminem’s albums coming out this year and the supposed optimism of Dr. Dre’s Detox album release this year, I had this blog idea in my head for a while.  I have been working an outline in my head for a minute because whether you hate them or not, Aftermath and its trio has been a HUGE part of hiphop in the past decade.

Back Story

With the help of Dr. Dre, Eminem became a household name in  1999 and his album, The Slim Shady LP, went triple platinum.  From that point to his last successful album, The Encore, Eminem became one of the best-selling rappers of all time.

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