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Throwback of the Day: Jay-Z – Crew Love feat. Memphis Bleek & Beanie Sigel

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Beanie Sigel Freestyles "What You Talkin About" Backstage @ Powerhouse

Is it me or are people not paying anymore mind to the Broad Street Bully’s insults against Hov?  I like Beanie Sigel but he should just realize that Jay-Z isn’t going to have a rebuttal.  Not only that but does he really want to go back to jail for some silliness?  I’m sure Jada was amused by this freestyle backstage.

50 Cent Went In Last Night on Hot 97

If you missed the conversation 50 had with Flex, you have to check it out.  PURE entertainment.  Hilarious.

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Jay & The Beans Talk (Video)

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Beanie Sigel That Crazy Mofo!!! (Please Don't Hurt Me)

This is kinda old so we were debating whether to post it or not but I thought it was pretty funny.

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