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Lebron James Flips Out On Cleveland Fans!!! (Video)

HAHA!  Thanks @DavidVBogart!


Bloomberg Wants Lebron But So Do The Clevelanders (Video)

I’m not too impressed with this video.  Anyone with some videography knowledge and access to the mayor can create this video.  On the other hand, Cleveland managed to gather celebrities from their respective city to make this video, although I don’t recognize any of these names.

No Nike Bonus for Lebron in New York

Contrary to popular belief, Nike is not offering more money to LBJ to sign with the Knicks this offseason.

For the millionth time, LeBron James has no bonus in his current contract with Nike—still his original contract—that pays him more if he plays in New York or any other big city for that matter.

I find myself writing this because with speculation that James will be headed to New York in 2010, as the Knicks have cleared out cap space for that season with the rumored express purpose of landing LeBron, people have started to talk again about this mythical bonus. As James played at the Garden and questions about 2010 and New York reached its greatest height, we started hearing about this bonus again.

ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard, in an article for ESPN.com, wrote that James “does not get more money from Nike if he plays in New York,” but then went on to say that “that clause expired after his rookie season.” [ To read more, click here]

McDonald's: Lebron James vs. Dwight Howard Commercial (Video)

One of my all-time favorite commercials is of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird playing HORSE in the McDonald’s commercial.  The megacorporation attempts to recreate that magic, this time with Lebron and Dwight.  Although it doesn’t have that same effect, the commercial was enjoyable nonetheless.

MVPuppets are Back for the 2010 Season (Video)

Nike is back with some more MVPuppets commercials.  Personally, my favorite wasn’t even from an original from Nike but it was a dub-over of the commercial which you can find here.  But I still am looking forward to the future commercials.

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Jon Stewart Attempts to Lure Lebron


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Kobe Jabs at Lebron?

I’m sure everyone’s already heard of the controversy surround Lebron getting dunked on by a 2nd year player from Xavier.  This is what Kobe had to say when asked my a kid in his basketball camp.

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