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Lil’ Wayne – I’m Not A Human Being (Video)

I’m not the biggest Wayne fan but I’m feeling this song, a little.


Sick Uncle – 500 Days of Weezy (Download)

“This is not a mashup project.  Rather an album about Wayne.”

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Jay-Z – Summer in Brooklyn feat. Lil Wayne (Quincy Jones x Cookin Soul Remix) (Video)

Cookin’ Soul remixes Hov’s Hello Brooklyn featuring Weezy with Quincy Jones’ Summer in the City.

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Eminem – Love The Way You Lie feat. Rihanna + Bonus (Mp3s)

A lot of people are skeptic about Em, some even hate but not me.  I’ve always liked his work.  True, sometimes he wasn’t always going in, like on the last album but lately, he’s been pretty on point.  Even with a Rihanna collabo.

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ItsTheReal: Young Money Enters a Recession (Video)


Feature: My Top 10 Worst Rap Names

What do these emcees think of when coming up with their rap monikers?  Some may just be using nicknames that’s been around since their childhoods while others were specifically tailored to portray their music.  Speaking of which, I should ask how Rhyson Hall and Gr& Phee came up with their names but that’s another story.  Anyways, I’ve come across many dumb names that make me wonder so I’ve decided to write up a Top 10 Worst Rap Names list.  Feel free to mention any names I may have forgotten.


Why are they named after a sexual act?  It seems they get a good amount of press from reputable sources yet I have never sought out their music mainly do to their moniker.  Do they rap about sex?  Are they the next 69 Boyz?  Someone please fill me in.  Funny fact is that according to their wikipedia page, they are currently working with Lil Scrappy and Devin the Dude, two guys who also made this list.

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Best Rapper Alive: Royce Da 5′9″ vs Lil Wayne (Mixtape)

I didn’t hear about this when it dropped earlier in the month but the mixtape is dope.  Royce may not be the best rapper alive but he definitely has one up on Lil Wayne.

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