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Feature: WANTED: Ghost Writer for Aspiring Rapper

That’s right kids.  You read it correctly.  I have recently made my decision to pursue a rapping career….again.

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I was Just Going to Say the Same Thing

Some of you may be aware that Kanye West is a major douche bag. Always has been, and always will be.  His ego and personality to me is unbearable. I don’t know if he does it purposely or unconsciously. Either way, I can’t stand it. I do think Kanye is a great producer and made some fairly dope songs. But on the other hand I never was crazy about his lyrics and failed to see the “genius” behind it. Call me a hater or just plain shallow about his music. But apparently, I don’t feel so alone about my opinions anymore.

Recently, South Park has aired an episode totally ripping on Kanye West. Throughout the whole episode, there was an ongoing joke of people asking Kanye if he liked fish sticks in his mouth. Kanye kept on saying yes not realizing that the statement was poking fun at him. The whole episode is fairly funny for the most part. And surprisingly, the response from Kanye West wasn’t that angry either:

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This Ain’t Funny, So Don’t You Dare Laugh!

Written by Othello aka Ari 40 oz. Gold

I know that this little article may be completely off topic from music in every way, but I could not resist. To me, there are two things in my life that are most important and they share equal relevance. These two things my friends are Music and Humor. These two things keep me going and gives me motivation for everything. Without any of it, I would crumble faster than a cookie in milk (sorry for the cliché analogy.) But lately, I’ve noticed a parallel in the rap game and comedy, there are plenty of comedians that get shine that totally don’t deserve it. I’ve compiled a few people who are fairly popular and have never gotten a laugh out of me.

First on my list, Jimmy Fallon. Not only was this guy not funny on SNL, but he’s got his own late night show? Lord have mercy! Has the world flipped upside down? Black is White? Left is Right? This guy could not keep a straight face during any skit in SNL and just had no presence on the camera. Now that Conan O’Brien has left the late night scene (although I do think he is returning but just in a different form), they get this shumck to replace probably one the funniest guys of the past couple decades? Sad day in Comedy.

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How To Resuscitate Hip Hop

written by dj hurryupnbuy

Ever since Nas’ album a couple of years ago, there has been this talk of hip hop being dead.  Truth of the matter is, the quality of hip hop has been diluting consistently for years, even prior to that.  I blame it on the corporations who are taking over our art form.  What once started out as DJs spinning breaks at a local block party, evolved into MC’s telling stories of their struggles.  And now, with the involvement of Corporate America, it has become a soap opera.

I used to work for this independent label and we made these shirts that read “YO! True Hip Hop is BACK!”  The graphics were a rip off the old “Yo! MTV Raps” graphic.  When I wore this shirt to my old job, my coworker asked me what exactly is “true hip hop?”  I answered him by saying it when hip hop was still pure and just about the music; taking out all this commercial garbage on the radio.  He summarized “true hip hop” as music he truly enjoys, period.  Makes you wonder…as similar as those two answers are, its different.

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In Jamaica? But you're not Jamaican?!?!!

Does political correctness play a role in music? Does it play a role in the rap game? My answer to both questions is yes, you’re damn right it does! I was watching “curb your enthusiasm” (my new favorite show) the other night and Larry David faced a dilemma. A director that he worked with wanted a recommendation and this director also had a sob story about his son whom suffered from some muscular disability. Now this director was terrible and Larry was well aware of this. But because of the sad story of his son he recommended him to his friend (Richard Lewis) to use him in a pilot episode. While watching it I stopped to think for a moment, “Doesn’t this occur in the record industry a lot?” I feel lots of people got signed or come out with albums just based upon their back story.
I’ll stop beating around the bush, I’m specifically talking about K’naan. I will openly say that this man has taken advantage of his background and surrounding political environment. Here is a brief bio of early life of K’naan taken from Wikipedia:

“Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, K’naan spent his childhood in the district of Wardhiigleey (“The Lake of Blood”) during the Somali Civil War, which began in 1991. His aunt, Magool, was one of Somalia’s most famous singers. K’naan’s grandfather, Haji Mohamed, was a poet. K’naan is also a Muslim. His name, K’naan, means “traveller” in the Somali language.
K’naan’s father, Abdi, left the country, along with many other intellectuals to settle in New York City and work as a cab driver. He mailed money home to his family.[3] As the civil war continued and the situation in Somalia continued to deteriorate, K’naan’s mother, Marian Mohamed, petitioned the United States embassy for an exit visa. In 1991, on the last day the US embassy remained open as the government of Mohamed Siad Barre collapsed, their visa was approved, and they boarded the last commercial flight out of the country.[4]
They joined relatives in Harlem, New York City, before moving to the Toronto, Ontario neighbourhood of Rexdale, where there was a large Somali Canadian community.[5] His family still lives there. In his new country, K’naan began learning English, some through hip hop albums by artists like Nas and Rakim. Despite speaking no English, the young K’naan taught himself hip hop and rap diction, copying the lyrics and style phonetically.[4] He then also began rapping.[3] He dropped out of school in grade ten to travel for a time, rapping at open mic events, and eventually returned to Toronto.”

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Where Did You Go?

I’m back. And extremely hungover! So what’s good for the soul while you are not feeling great? Write! But what is the topic of choice? Well, that’s something I’ve been pondering over the past couple of days but it hit me the other day while listening to my IPod. Are there people in your life that seem to just disappear? I’m not talking about real important people like a girlfriend or father, but musicians? Well there are a few people that came to mind when this topic popped in this crazy head of mine.
Quite some time ago, I was young and a freshman in High School with no negative views of the world or life post-college. I went to the record store (when they used to be open and not taken over by Starbucks) and bought Soundbombing vol. 1. I was completely blown away. Every track was a forest fire. DJ Evil Dee was on the mix (come on kick it) and it was probably one of my favorite cds at the moment. One artist attracted my attention more than anyone, Shabaam Saadiq.

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Please Don't Hurt Me

BY: Othello

In spirit of all the beef talk that we here at the hurryupnbuy blog have been discussing as of lately, I’ve decided to talk about rappers I would be scared to run into a dark alley. Yes, the element of fear most definitely has significance in rap music especially when people are trying to act hardcore and are in fact escaped mental patients. This came to me the other day when I was listening to a track by Onyx on my home at night. I kept thinking, “imagine if sticky fingaz really walked around with a pistol and decided to stick me up or just shoot me for the fun of it.” So here are a few rappers that would make me crap my pants if I met them somewhere like an abandon building.
First off, ONYX. I love onyx. I got their first tape “Bacdafucup” a long time ago and have been a fan since that day. Their gun talk and roughneck attitude was just undeniable. Not only that but heir chemistry that they shared was so much fun. I personally liked Freddo Star the best, but everybody was doing their own thing. But on the real, these dudes are scary. Bald heads, wearing all black, carrying semi-automatic machine guns in the music video is enough proof for me to be scared to bump into them. Their image is one that would make me crap my pants if I saw them waiting on the stoop of my apartment building. Love onyx, but terrified by their image.
Who else would I hate to run into? That’s an easy one. Who has been in a bunch of movies, pretends to be a cop in real life, smoke lots of crack and mistreats pitbulls. If you guessed DMX you are correct sir. I don’t care who you are, you could be a boxer, ufc fighter, gangster or Bruce Lee, DMX will #@*$& you up. Just give the man an eight ball rock of crack and he’ll fight you till there aren’t any limbs left on his body. The stories about this guy including the violence, drug abuse and other wonderful things are enough for me to be very scared of the man. Imagine you are walking down the street at night, and there is no one out in the street. You hear a distant barking that just gets louder and louder and louder to the point it’s directly behind you. You run as fast as you can for the door of your building but suddenly DMX come jumping down from the fire escape. He grabs your arm and bites it like a pitbull and never let’s go. Scared yet? God forbid if I run into DMX.
Have you ever watched state property the movie? Well Beanie Siegel is scary dude. Although he really is on the bottom of the list, He definitely has some anger management issues. Have you ever heard the song “What’s your life like” from his first album? He talks about being in jail and all the depressing issues that surround being incarcerated. But he gets so angry in the song that I’m scared he’s waiting behind me ready to shank me with a rusty spoon. Throughout his career he seemed to get caught up on some gun charges or assault or whatever. This guy is truly a tough guy and so is his music. Beanie Siegel gets my vote as scary rapper I wouldn’t want to bump into on a dark street corner.
That pretty much sums up the majority of guys that would beat me and you, the reader, up. I’m sure there are a few others but this core bunch has proven time and time again that they are really from the streets. Their lyrics and music really reflects their lifestyle and that makes them scarier. Do yourself a favor, and don’t listen to these guys while walking home at night by yourself. Your mind might start to wander and you could possibly start to imagine that these guys are in fact in your neighborhood waiting for you and your iPod.