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The Sneaker Coloring Book

This new book by Daniel Jarosch and Henrik Klingel, titled The Sneaker Colouring Book offers 100 different sneakers that you can color in yourself. It contains 18 top sneaker brands along with details including the name and launch dates. We have a few you can mess with. Just print them out and color away.
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SneakerNews: History of Nike Air

To be passionate about anything – an object, an idea – is to understand its origin, to fully immerse your being in its history and present state to the point of absolute, unrestricted comprehension. Nike Air is a concept rooted in the fundamental laws of science; air won’t flatten or disappear, nor will it tear or change its composition. Nike Air serves as the metaphorical pen that rewrote history; it is the result of harnessing the most vital element of life known to man into a midsole cushioning system that revolutionized the footwear industry and sport of running over the course of three storied decades. Continue reading for a thorough look back at some classic Nike artifacts, technology and history.

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Feature: Nostalgia Complex

Like most sneaker enthusiasts, I suffer from what many consider a “Nostalgia Complex.”  It’s basically purchasing an item based on all the old emotions and memories that are attached to the product.  This “complex” affects many of those who purchase Nike products.  It’s a very manipulative disease to have and seems to be affecting most sneaker heads, especially Jordan heads.  When news breaks that the Jordan brand is going to release a certain colorway of a retro that has been gone for years, absolute  pandemonium breaks loose.  The sad thing about all this though is that everyone knows the quality is subpar for the price you have to pay.  But why do we (I) still purchase such products?  Pure nostalgia.

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Throwback of the Day: Raekwon – Sneakers (Video)

To all my sneaker heads that got Space Jams today!  I know I got mine.  Hope you got yours!

Air Jordan 2010 (Video)

They look like a Payless Shoes.  SMH.  STEP YOUR GAME UP JB!  I just hope they are actually decent to play in.

Look Fresh, the hurryupnbuy Way

Every once in a while, people will come up to me and ask, “hurryupnbuy, how do you keep your gear so fresh?”  I usually just smile at them but never reveal my secrets.  That is until today!  I will be sharing my fashion expertise(?), starting from gear for your head all the way down to your shoes so PAY ATTENTION!

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New Balance 996 Grey/Black/Yellow

I’ve never owned a pair of New Balances but I always tell myself I’ll get a pair soon.  Then a pair like these come along with a colorway I really like and now I really want one.

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