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Travis Barker – Jump Down feat. The Cool Kids (Mp3)

Give The Drummer Some love.  This is the first single off his upcoming project.  Looking forward to driving to this album.


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Mikey Rocks (The Cool Kids) – Foreign Features (Video)


The Cool Kids or the cool kid?  Mikey Rocks is doing is solo dolo thing and it’s working.  Chuck may have to step up his game or he may lose his partner to the solo game.

The Cool Kids – Gold Links (Video)

KarmaloopTV: The Cool Kids (Video)


Karmaloop catches up with the Cool Kids to touch base on their mixtapes along with twitter and phones.

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The Cool Kids – Tacklebox (Mixtape)

Did ya’ll know The Cool Kids were dropping another mixtape so soon cuz I had no idea.  The last project was dope so I hope they’re following it up with another strong effort.

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Lupe Talks About All City Chess Club (Audio)

Didn’t Lupe already mention a rap supergroup before?  All City Chess Club consists of Asher Roth, B.o.B., The Cool Kids, Charles Hamilton, Blu, Diggy, Wale, J.Cole and Lupe himself.  The rapper explains how it all came about at a B.o.B show when the guys started jumping on a remix to Beaming.  Lupe stay networking!  He also goes on to talk about how Blu is the only rapper he’s intimidated by.

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Pac Div – Shut Up feat. The Cool Kids (Teaser)

I’m actually excited to see this video.  I know the Cool Kids have been putting in work as of late.

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