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3:16 With J. Cole (Video)

TSS and Yours Truly have started a dope concept where they recruit artist to spit their favorite verse along with some insight regarding that particular verse.

A second J. Cole video after the jump.

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The Smoking Section Reviews Marco Polo x Ruste Juxx's 'eXXecution'

eXXecution is one of the most underrated hip hop albums of 2010.  Believe that!  And it’s not because we did an interview with him, which you should watch though.  And btw, eXXecution > Double Barrel, most definitely.  Peep the review and watch Ruste talk about a possible eXXecution Part Deux!

An All-White Basketball League?

A new professional basketball league boasting rosters made up exclusively of white Americans has its eyes set on Augusta, but the team isn’t receiving a warm welcome.

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