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I missed my plane but I feel that this is actually right where I need to be

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Kanye Performs for Twitter (Video)

Does anyone know why he’s making stops to these social media headquarters?

On another note, he’s no longer using Good Ass Job as the title for his next project.

Official Twitter App for Blackberry

So Twitter finally dropped their official app for Blackberry users.  I know a lot of you live by the Blackberry so I’m putting this up.  I’ve already downloaded it and using it for my personal twitter account and now I got the WSTS twitter account running via SocialScope.   To download the new app, go here.

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Twitter At It's Best: Ron Artest

Complex recently posted Ron Artest’s best tweets and although I don’t like how he ditch my Rockets, I can’t help but to laugh at some of its stupid comments, like his quotes in last year’s playoffs.  Anyways, check out what this fool tweeted after the jump.

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Pearl Jam Starting a New Music Trend?

Pearl Jam may be onto something new (actually, I’ve seen indie artists do it but it’s always nice to see mainstream artists do something different for a change).  The legendary grunge band is utilizing Culture Jam, a new twitter app, to automate a process where fans can download their new single, Just Breathe for free by merely going to their site, logging onto Twitter and use the gift code to retrieve the new mp3.

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Be Careful What You Tweet/Facebook

According to CareerBuilder.com, Harris Interactive was hired to survey 2,667 HR professionals and found out that 45% of them use social networking sites to research job candidates and an additional 11% plan to use it in the near future.  That is a very big uh-oh for people like myself.  Time to use a different e-mail address for all my accounts.

The survey claims 35% of the employers found information on these sites that stopped them from hiring the potential employees.  “Provocative photos and info are a bad idea (53% of employers won’t hire you), shared content with booze and drugs is also highly dangerous (44% dismissed candidates for this reason), and bad-mouthing former employers is very risky behavior (35% reported this a the main reason they didn’t hire a candidate).”  Another big one that is unexpected is the use of emoticons.  Those smileys represent poor communication which the employers do not like.

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NFL Players' Twitter Reactions to Mike Vick's Signing

If you were curious what NFL players thought of Michael Vick’s recent signing to the Philadelphia Eagles, today’s your lucky day.  Here is what a few players had to say:

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