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Air Jordan XIII Retro Preview

One of my favorite Jordans are being released this holiday season. YAY!


Air Jordan Retro 11 – Silver Anniversary

I really want to cop these for some reason.  Don’t ask me why because they are going to get dirty real fast but as a sneakerhead, I feel like I owe myself a pair.  Problem is, I’m on the road.  Anyone want to help a brother out with a size 13?

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Air Jordan Spizike 2010 Spring/Summer

My favorite Jordan hybrid sneaker is a toss-up between Spizikes and the 6 Rings.  And the only 6 Rings I ever liked was the first general release ones that looked just like the 11s (the black/red/white ones).  Anyways, the above infrared Spizikes are dropping on May 8th with the one after the jump dropping on June 5th.

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Air Jordan Retro 2 & 6 Originals Dropping Soon

One of the cleanest looking Jordan Retros, the 2s are dropping on May 1st.  After the jump are the original 6s which drop on June 12th.  Classic colorways is what I like.

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Air Jordan 2010 ‘Nightmares Never Sleep’ Commercial (Video)

A new Jordan Brand ad features Dwayne Wade looking more evil than sin!  The commercial is being used to promote Jordan’s Signature shoe line for this year’s model.  The shoe looks OK but might actually be decent to play some ball in.  The video is really well done though.  I know my man B. LEE is loving this one.

Air Jordan 'History of Flight'

Nike.com just did an incredible job animating the History of Flight as they call it.  They made a little show out of every year the Air Jordan brand has been in existence.  Here are some pictures to show you what I’m talking about but they definitely do not do it any justice.  That’s why I’ve also included the link to the animation at the bottom.  If only I was able to embed their flash on here…

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Phil Jackson Rocks Jordans Too

I hear ADIDAS is coming out with a sneaker to honor Phil Jackson’s 10 championships.  Do I think it’ll sell?

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