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Drake – Light It Up feat. Biggie & Jay-Z (SniquePeek Remix) (Mp3)

Not only does Nique hold down the turntables at NSFW but he also likes to freak it in the lab (pause).  Today, he hit me up with this gem of a remix featuring everyone’s favorite Brooklyn rapper.  No, not Hov.

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We Stole The Show’s Returning to Philly!!

Attention hip hop heads of the “City of Brotherly Love,” We Stole The Show will be returning to Philadelphia for the first time in three years and you do not want to miss out.  DJ Nique will be assisting the MCs on the 1s and 2s and it should be a grand ol’ time.  Check the jump for the backside of the flyer that contains all the other relevant info.

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DJ Nique – Snique Peek Radio 30 (Download)

It’s been a while since we posted SPR on here, or at least that’s how I feel.  Anyways, here’s our dude Rob doing his thing for ya’ll.  And if you like what you hear, he’ll be spinning at our NSFW Thursday event this week so come out!!

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DJ Nique – Snique Peek Radio 29 (Download)

Our good friend Nique just dropped his latest radio podcast for your enjoyment.  If you like what you hear, you can also download it here.

DJ Nique – Pon De Dirty Jobs (Mashup) (Mp3)

Words from DJ Nique:

Dirty Jobs is probably my favorite show. I had to do something with the awesome theme song to the show. I saw that alot of peeps were doing some fun things with Pon De Floor. I put two and two together and boom! Pon De Dirty Jobs was born!

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DJ Tiger – Cinco de Bmore Mix (Mp3)

Nique just sent me this.

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Snique Peek Radio 28 (Mp3)

Here’s the latest installment from DJ Nique and his podcast.  This dude is definitely on his grind.  Respect.  If you like what you hear here, definitely make sure to swing by to NSFW Thursdays where he’ll be spinning your favorite tunes alongside who else but me?  LOL.

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