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Doc Rivers’ Son’s Got Game (Video)

He’s still in high school but he’s schooling these kids in this video.  He’s got an outside game, handle and can take it strong to the hole.  He needs to bulk up but I can see him doing some damage in college and most likely the L.  It’ll be fun watching Stephen Curry and Austin Rivers, two second generation ballers go at it against each other.  And I guess it’s the role players that make good basketball playing sons (Michael, Patrick and Dominique’s kids had too much to live up to).


Throwback of the Day: Kurtis Blow – Basketball (Video)

Anyone want to hoop it up?

Jay Electronica Talks Basketball (Video)

Jay Electronica talked basketball at Converse Band of Ballers in Atlanta.  I never pictured the rapper to be as flamboyant as he is in this clip.  LOL.

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MVPuppets are Back for the 2010 Season (Video)

Nike is back with some more MVPuppets commercials.  Personally, my favorite wasn’t even from an original from Nike but it was a dub-over of the commercial which you can find here.  But I still am looking forward to the future commercials.

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Kobe vs. Jordan

Ask anyone that knows me and sports will tell you I hate Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.  I liked him when he first came into the league and before he established himself as a cocky motherfucker.  When he was throwing up airballs in the NBA playoffs.  But enough of the hate, it has been a little less than two weeks since the Lakers won the title.  I was so sure they would choke again but neither Kobe or the Lakers choked like they did last year, and the year before that, and the year before that.

Now that I released some of that hate, I will try not to express anymore Kobe hatred for the rest of the entry.

Hate it or love him, Kobe has established himself as the most valuable player in the league.  You know it’s gotta be true if a Kobe-hater is saying it, right?  There are other players you can argue with, like Lebron and Wade but Kobe has proven his worth.  That brings me to my main question, who was better between Kobe and Mike?

They are both players I hated for the same reason, because they beat all my teams.  Before we move forward, I need you to look at this with a clean slate.  Forget that Mike is the greatest basketball player of all-time.  Forgot Kobe just won a title without Shaq.

Now onto the show:

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The Best Dunker in the World?

Look at this guy’s hangtime.  There seems to be a pause at its peak every time he dunks.  Don’t forget, he’s only 6’1″ too.  JESUS!  lol

Where Will Amazing Happen This Year?

Welcome back to the 3rd installment of my NBA Playoff analysis.  It’s been a fun ride so far but 12 teams have “gone fishing” as Kenny Smith would say and only four are left now.  Predictably, the remaining teams represent the top two seeded teams in their respective conferences.  Shall we just jump right into the nitty gritty?


#1 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. #2 Orlando Magic:

We can finally watch Lebron and Dwight hoist up half court shots every other day, sweet!  As always, I am right and both teams I predicted to win won.  I expected the Hawks to be more of a formidable opponent for the Cavaliers but Lebron and company definitely took care of business.  Granted, the Hawks had some key injuries, I am now convinced that Cleveland is the team to beat, east or west.

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